Horton Point Lighthouse Photo Gallery

The following images are from my visit to the Horton Point light on 5/6/99. The light's Director, Cliff Benfield, was nice enough to take a couple of hours and give me the grand tour. Mr. Benfield possesses a wealth of information about the light and the area. If you're ever fortunate enough to meet him, listen and learn.

hortonsign.JPG (70412 bytes)

The nifty new sign.

horton5699.JPG (60009 bytes)

Note the new oil house being built. The foundation is from the original oil house.

fourthlens.JPG (71354 bytes)

A Fourth Order Fresnel lens on display in the museum. The lighthouse's original Third Order lens was lost by the Coast Guard, but they gave this lens to the museum to display.

hortonlens.JPG (40873 bytes)

The FA251 lens that has been in the lantern room since 1990. Here you can see, albeit in a sort of fuzzy-digital way, the replacement of every other green lens with a black panel. I discussed the reason for this on the Horton Point page.

hortonspout.JPG (17611 bytes)

One of the gargoyle rain spouts, as viewed from inside the lantern room. All ten of these had to be re-created at a cost of $250 each.

hortonlantern.JPG (35608 bytes)

The stairs leading up to the watch deck used to be the only way out there. As these steps were gone when the restoration began, one of the ten panes of glass on the lantern was set up so that the lower half worked as a hatch.

anchor.JPG (41901 bytes)

This anchor is from a ship that wrecked on the Long Island Sound in December 1866. The ship ended up not far from Horton's Point. None of the 160 passengers aboard were lost. 130 years later, the anchor was recovered and now resides on the front lawn of the lighthouse.

hortonbush.JPG (39948 bytes)

If you're ever at the Horton Point light, be sure to ask about the hydrangea bush on the front lawn.

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