North Dumpling Photo Gallery

Join me as we take a cruise counter clockwise around the island of North Dumpling...

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We begin with a look from the south...

nd3.JPG (32103 bytes)

From the east we see the back of the structure. Is that an amphibious vehicle in the foreground?

nd2.JPG (24309 bytes)

Why yes it is! No Dumpling should be without one.

nd5.JPG (29944 bytes)

Coming around the north side now...

nd4.JPG (38166 bytes) get a better view of... umm... Stonehenge?

nd6.JPG (32728 bytes)

Coming around to the west side of the island and heading toward Race Rock, we see the Republic of North Dumpling in all its glory. Local lore has it that the owner, who bought the island in 1980 for $2.5 million, has his own currency, has agreed to a  non-agression pact with Connecticut and refers to himself to Lord Dumpling. I'm told that the island was on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" a few years back. I'd like to have seen that one.


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