North Dumpling Lighthouse


Location: In Fishers Island Sound (north of Fishers Island's North Hill).

Description: 31 feet; fixed white light; red brick, two story structure. Light was moved to a steel tower in 1959, then returned to the lighthouse.

History of light:

  • 1849: Constructed.

  • 1871: Rebuilt.

  • 1959: Automated.

  • 1980: Rebuilt.

  • 1986: Bought by present owner.

Current use: Active aid to navigation.

The surrounding area:

Public access? No. The island is privately owned. But it may be viewed by boat.

Similar Lights: This light has been modified a great deal from its original structure.

Other information: The island (and light) is currently owned by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Scooter and portable dialysis machine.


North Dumpling Lighthouse








Research materials for this lighthouse can be found at the East Islip Public Library, East Islip, New York.
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