Stepping Stones Lighthouse


.8 miles northwest of Elm Point, Great Neck.

Description: 46 feet, red brick tower, structure is Second Empire Victorian style, fixed green light. Original optic was a Fifth Order Fresnel lens showing a fixed red light. Lens was later (1930s?) changed to a Fourth Order lens with fixed green light.

History of light:

  • 1866: Congress appropriated $6600 for a lighthouse on Hart Island.

  • 1871: Hart Island was surveyed.

  • 1874: Difficulties in obtaining the needed land on Hart Island force the Lighthouse Board to change the site to Stepping Stones.

  • 1875, Summer: Construction began.

  • 1877, January 3: Findlay Fraser is appointed as first keeper.

  • 1877, March 1:First lit.

  • 1966: Automated.

Current use: Active aid to navigation.

The surrounding area: This light, the westernmost on the north shore of Long Island, is visible from the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Public access? No.

Similar Lights: Hudson-Athens in upstate NY

Other information: The rocks breaking the surface in the area were known during colonial times as the Devil's Stepping Stones. Prior to the establishment of this light a buoy marked the Stepping Stones.


Stepping Stones Lighthouse
(photo by Diane Mancini)












Research materials for this lighthouse can be found at the East Islip Public Library, East Islip, New York.
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